Saturday, November 29, 2008

Book Error Corrections

I finally received my additional copies of Invader on Tuesday 25th November, and the correction to the cover description has been made, as well as has the subtitle been removed. "breaths sigh of relief".

I tried expaining to my publisher how such a thing could greatly affect the sales of a book. Using myself as an example, I would never pick up a novel from a book shelf if it had an error on the description, of all places. At least it's been corrected now and I am pretty sure that this adjustment will improve overall book sales in the following months.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Print on demand publishers (are they advisable?)

I actually published my debut novel INVADER with a print on demand publisher thinking it was the better choice, but now I'm hating every moment of it. You can imagine that the first book I ever saw an error on the cover description was mine.

I actually also wanted to use the subtitle COLONY MARS for the first book since it was a series, but later let my publisher know that I had changed my mind. But guess what I saw on the cover the day I received my copies of the book. Yes, there it was, glaring at me.

Apart from this, the book keeps going out of stock and it often takes my publisher about a month or more to get more supplies to the bookstores. But on the other hand, it's probably just the particular publisher of mine and not Print on Demand publishers in general.